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Transferable Digital Literacy – Social Media and Employability

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Over the past 12 months the importance of embedding employability skills within qualifications has become an increasingly important consideration for HE providers. While the FE sector has always had a focus on developing transferable, practical skills it is the academic benefits of developing digital literacy skills that we feel needs to be promoted.

There have also been more reflections online from Librarians and other learner support posts on the importance of embracing Social Media – not just for marketing or promotion of services – but for developing learner and staff digital literacy skills. There are a lot of resources and discussions about this, but a few blog posts which I’ve found very useful in trying to start a discussion about using more social media for digital skills development have been :


Keeping up to date with the latest educational opinions on embracing social media and it’s benefits to study skills and transferable employability skills has helped to inform the final versions of our suggestion Learner and Tutor Digital Literacy Skill Frameworks. The final stage of this process is to compare the Tutor, Learner, Management and LRC skill frameworks to identify generic digital skills which will in turn aid us in planning for learner support activities in-house as well as those related to the project.


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